Rippe Health Evaluation: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Rippe Health Evaluation…

Why should I choose the Rippe Health Evaluation for my executive health needs?

We provide the most convenient and comprehensive executive health exam in one day in the Southeast. We respect your time and value you as a whole person. We have a 98% overall excellent customer service rating ensuring you the most enjoyable medical experience ever. Our emphasis on lifestyle medicine is unique and has proven to help hundreds of individuals with their health and personal goals. The executive exam is all we do and our staff has a passion for making each patient a success story.

How soon will I get my test results?

Most of the test results are in the hands of our staff by the time you meet with your lead physician for your Extended Lifestyle and Health Review at the completion of your day. If there are outstanding test results the physician will call you with this information as soon as they become available and two weeks after your one day appointment you will receive a comprehensive report (approximately 50 pages) comprised of all of your results, reports and dictations delivered to your home.

How do I know what tests are appropriate for me?

The Rippe Health Evaluation has developed three different levels of evaluations based on age. The components of these levels are based on medical necessity with a lifestyle medicine approach. The Client Service Team is also available to help you decide what is the most effective and appropriate way to approach your individual evaluation, call 407-489-7229.

Do I need to get a referral from my primary care doctor to come to the Rippe Health Evaluation?

No, and we will send your physician a copy of the comprehensive report prepared for you if you like.

How much does the executive exam cost and how do I pay?

It depends on which level you are scheduled at based on your age, gender and medical needs. The price will be determined when you schedule your appointment with the Client Services Team. Unless there is a pre-arranged agreement with your company, payment-in full is expected the day of your evaluation. We accept check, cash and all major credit cards.

Do you accept my insurance?

No, we do not accept any insurance. Our program is completely self pay unless there is a pre-arranged agreement with your company. Payment-in full is expected the day of your appointment but we can provide you the documentation needed to get possible reimbursement for yourself.

How long does the executive exam take?

The actual executive exam takes only one day unless you choose to have a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy requires another half day.

Is the Rippe Health Evaluation only for executives?

No, anyone who is interested in a complete physical exam with focus on lifestyle medicine and disease prevention is welcome to take advantage of the program.