Rippe Health Evaluation: Benefits

The Benefits of Rippe Health Evaluation:

Individuals who elect to go through the Rippe Health Evaluation do so for several important reasons.

One Location for a Complete Health assessment

First, RHE offers one locality, one state-of-the-art medical facility at which every aspect of your personal health can be examined and assessed. This is an enormous benefit for high performance individuals whose business schedule and demands at home might preclude them from running all over town from specialist to specialist. RHE provides a comprehensive and integrated assessment, in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, that is available no where else in the world.

A World-Class Assembly of Medical Expertise

Another benefit is the uncommonly high level of medical expertise that has been gathered from across the spectrum of the healthcare industry. Led by Dr. James M. Rippe, an internationally acclaimed specialist in cardiology, intensive care and personal fitness, specialists in many fields have relocated in Central Florida, creating one of the most powerful concentrations of medical knowledge in the country.

Through the Rippe Health Evaluation clinical partnership with Orlando Health, we are pleased to offer the highest level of medical expertise and technology available in the world. Our technology includes advanced 256 slice CT angiography, MRI, echo cardiography, digital mammography and other state of the art imaging technologies.

In addition, high level medical professionals are available in areas such as orthopedics, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, urology, neurology and rheumatology to see RHE patients with no waiting through our exclusive RHE Concierge Program.

The RHE Concierge Program brings the service component of medicine to a new level that is unavailable at any other executive health program in the world. For more details about this program speak to your RHE consultant.

Early Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease

Individuals who live with the stress and pressures of managing their busy career and multiple roles too often neglect their own health and well being until disease strikes. RHE can help such high performers retain their health and productivity, and add years to their lives. The Rippe medical team focuses its skills and expertise on the early detection, diagnosis and prevention of disease, and on any recommendations in lifestyle change that will maximize health and fitness now and in the years ahead.

Lifestyle Evaluations that Will Protect and Improve Your Health

Proper nutrition and being physically active are key factors in preventing hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

What makes the Rippe Health Evaluation different from other health evaluation programs is that we provide in-depth consultations on nutrition and fitness -- helping you find realistic solutions to achieve nutritional balance and an improvement in your fitness level. We also provide an in-depth analysis on your prescription medications and/or vitamins and supplements regimen.

This unique approach will help you plan daily lifestyle decisions and practices which will protect and improve your health in the years to come.