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An interview with Dr. Rippe at the European Congress of Obesity May 2015

An interview with Dr. Rippe at the European Congress of Obesity May 2015

An interview with Dr. Rippe at the European Congress of Obesity May 2015

The scientific community gives its highest rating to the symposium “Fructose, Sucrose, and High Fructose Corn Syrup: Modern Scientific Findings and Health Implications” at the international Experimental Biology 2012 Conference in which Dr. James Rippe presents findings demonstrating no difference between high fructose corn syrup and sucrose in terms of their metabolism and health effects.

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Dr. Rippe gave the special guest lecture at the 2nd Annual Lifestyle Medicine Conference sponsored by the Fuwai Hospital in Bejing, China. His presentation was entitled "The Future of Lifestyle Medicine." This lecture was given in conjunction with the Fuwai Hospital purchasing the Chinese translation rights to Dr. Rippe’s major academic textbook (Lifestyle Medicine, 3rd Edition, CRC Press, 2019) and also Dr. Rippe’s "Manual of Lifestyle Medicine," CRC Press (Boca Raton) 2021.

The Chinese Lifestyle Medicine Conference was held December 22nd to December 24th, 2022. Dr. Rippe’s presentation was attended virtually by over one million individuals throughout China and internationally.

"Japanese culture naturally has many healthful benefits which affords its people an enviable quality of life not seen in many other societies."

That’s the Lifestyle Medicine message proclaimed by James M. Rippe, M.D., renowned U.S. cardiologist, in the opening keynote address to the Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s annual meeting on September 30, 2023, in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. James Rippe traveled to Shenzhen, Guangdong, China to deliver the Keynote Address for the 3rd Annual China Lifestyle Medicine Conference. Dr. Rippe’s presentation focused on the past, present and future of Lifestyle Medicine with particular reference to China.

Dr. Rippe’s speech and the conference were viewed by over 2.5 million people online. In addition to Dr. Rippe’s speech, the conference featured an unveiling of the Chinese translation of the 3rd Edition of Dr. Rippe’s Lifestyle Medicine textbook, the only comprehensive, academic textbook of its kind in the field.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine has honored renowned cardiologist and Lifestyle Medicine leader, Dr. James Rippe, with its prestigious "Trail Blazer" award. The announcement came at ACLM's National meeting in Denver, Colorado Oct 31, 2023.