Rippe Lifestyle Institute: Partners & Programs

RLI Partner: Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods

RLI performed research on Post cereals when this brand was part of Kraft/Nabisco and demonstrated weight loss over a 10 week period. The RLI team also conducted a major research trial on low fat Kraft cheese and weight loss.

RLI Partner: Coca-Cola


RLI team has performed multiple research projects on sugar sweetened beverages and health and has also coordinated a number of symposia and other outreach efforts working with Coca-Cola.

RLI Partner: Welch's


The RLI research team explored antioxidant status of concord grapes in a large research trial.

RLI Partner: IHRSA


Dr. Rippe served as the medical advisor to IHRSA for 5 years. IHRSA is the trade association of the top 2500 health clubs in the United States.

RLI Partner: Dr. Pepper/Snapple

Dr. Pepper/Snapple

The RLI team has performed research projects looking at sugar sweetened beverages, diet beverages and health issues on behalf of Dr. Pepper/Snapple and also coordinated symposia and published proceedings from these symposia for DPSG.

RLI Partner: AstraZeneca


The RLI research team conducted research trials on the antihypertensive Toprol XL produced by AstraZeneca.

RLI Partner: General Mills

General Mills

The RLI research team conducted several studies on oats and cholesterol lowering. Dr. Rippe also participated in public relations work and his picture appeared on the back of the Cheerios box for several years.

RLI Partner: Disney


The RLI/Rippe Health Evaluation team provided executive physicals for Disney for many years.

RLI Partner: Florida Department of Citrus

Florida Department of Citrus

Dr. Rippe served as medical expert for the Florida Department of Citrus on several campaigns to discuss health benefits of citrus fruits.

RLI Partner: Corn Refiners Association

Corn Refiners Association

The RLI team has performed multiple research projects comparing high fructose corn syrup to sucrose with regard to nutritional, metabolic and health related parameters and has published widely on these topics. Dr. Rippe has also coordinated multiple symposia on these topics and conducted numerous media interviews on sugars and health issues.

RLI Partner: Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School

The RLI team has collaborated with investigators at Harvard Medical School looking at various nutritional factors related to brain function.

RLI Partner: McDonald's


The RLI team has performed research on children's health and fitness with sponsorship from the Ronald McDonald Children's Charity.

RLI Partner: Kellogg's


The RLI team has conducted research trials to explore the benefits of the Special K challenge as well as nutrition on various Kellogg's whole grain products.

RLI Partner: Lilly


Dr. Rippe was the featured physician on the Eli Lilly sponsored patient education tape "Stop Take Control of Your Diabetes." This patient education tape won a prestigious "Freddy" award for excellence from the American Medical Association.

Osteo Bi-Flex

Osteo Bi-Flex

Dr. Rippe provides the medical expertise for the Osteo Bi-Flex National Joint Health Education Program.

RLI Partner: Orville Redenbacher's

Orville Redenbacher's

The RLI team has conducted multiple research projects looking at Orville Redenbacher popcorn and healthy snacking for weight control.

RLI Partner: Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice

The RLI research team has conducted multiple research projects exploring Healthy Choice frozen prepared entrées as part of an overall risk factor reduction strategy and also for weight loss.

American Heart Association

American Heart Assocation

Dr. Rippe's 1 mile walk test has been utilized for a number of years by the American Heart Association for their annual "heartwalk" programs.



Dr. Rippe and the RLI team have worked on multiple GSK over the counter products including Ecotrin Aspirin and have written a number of patient education pamphlets.

RLI Partner: Food Network

Food Network

Dr. Rippe served for 4 years as the medical editor of the Food Network.

RLI Partner: Pfizer


Dr. Rippe has served as a medical advisor for Pfizer for their Norvasc brand for hypertension. He has also served as a joint health expert in support of their Celebrex brand.

RLI Partner: Hunts


The RLI research team has conducted research projects looking at multiple health and nutrition benefits of tomatoes.

RLI Partner: American Society for Nutrition

American Society for Nutrition

Dr. Rippe has coordinated multiple nutritional symposia in collaboration with the American Society of Nutrition and the RLI team has published numerous papers in ASN journals.

RLI Partner: Rockport/Reebok


The RLI research team conducted multiple projects and Dr. Rippe has edited multiple books on the health benefits of walking for the Rockport division of Reebok.

RLI Partner: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Rippe has worked with Johnson & Johnson on their health risk appraisal and corporate wellness programs.

RLI Partner: Merrell


Dr. Rippe and the RLI team have worked with Merrell on projects related to their hiking books and developed a hiking fitness test for them.

RLI Partner: P&G

P & G

The RLI research team has worked on research projects related to Olestra and cholesterol lowering.

RLI Partner: Roche


The RLI research team has conducted multiple research projects on weight loss as well as blood pressure control related to the Roche Xenical Pharmaceutical Agent. The RLI team developed and ran the REWARD program registry for weight loss.