Rippe Lifestyle Institute: Overview of Research Topics

Overview of Past and Current Research Topics


Biomechanical Assessment of Exercise Equipment

Biomechanical Assessment of Fitness Footwear

Children's Health and Fitness

Cholesterol Control

Dietary Supplement Evaluation

Effectiveness of Disease Management Programs

Effects of Aging on Health

Evaluation of Exercise and Medical Equipment

Fitness Walking

Health Benefits of Fitness Walking

Heart Rate Monitoring

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Hydration Status and Temperature Regulation

Hypertension Management

Ischemic Heart Disease (Coronary Artery Disease)

Liquid vs Solid Calories

Men's Health

Mind-Body Interactions

Nutrition and Health

Obesity Treatment

Optimizing Sports Performance


Psychological Health


Stress Reduction

Technologies for Early Detection of Coronary Artery Disease

Weight Management

Women's Health