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ConAgra Foods Science Institute

Rippe Lifestyle Institute manages the ConAgra Science Institute, which provides nutrition and health information on food and lifestyle choices. Healthcare professionals can access Webinars, research reviews, and client resources that link evidence-based understanding with practical strategies.


ConAgra Foods



ConAgra Foods

The Rippe Lifestyle Institute research team has had a long lasting relationship with ConAgra Foods to conduct many studies of mutual interest to RLI and ConAgra Foods in topics such as weight loss, healthy diets, antioxidant consumption, and snacking as well as many others.


Almond Board of California



Almond Board of California

RLI has worked with the Almond Board of California to study the health effects of consuming almonds as well as the nutritional attributes of almonds.



PepsiCo North America

The RLI research team conducts multiple studies of mutual interest to RLI and PepsiCo North America in topics such as short-term energy regulation response to high fructose corn syrup and other studies conducted in the RLI metabolic unit.


Tropicana Quaker

Tropicana Quaker

RLI managed the Breakfast Research Institute on behalf of Quaker Snacks and Foods and Tropicana.



Center for Lifestyle Medicine
at the University of Central Florida

Dr. Rippe serves as Chairman for the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at the University of Central Florida where he has a tenured Professorship in Biomedical Sciences at the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Central Florida Medical School.  The Center for Lifestyle Medicine occupies a state of the art 8,000 sq foot laboratory.  A current fund raising drive is in progress with the goal of raising a $10 million endowment for this facility.  More information on this initiative can be found at

More information on the 10 million dollar endowment may be found by downloading a PDF Brochure here.

You must have the Adobe Reader in order to view this PDF.

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Rippe Lifestyle Institute partnered with Ecotrin, Safety-Coated Enteric Aspirin®, to educate people about reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke through daily aspirin therapy. Dr. Rippe was the chief medical advisor of Here’s to Life™, a free heart-health wellness program sponsored by Ecotrin. Here’s to Life provided cardiovascular health information, tools and tips that focused on the five pillars of health: nutrition, physical activity/fitness, physician relationship, mind-body connection and pharmacy/medication.


Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers International

Rippe Lifestyle Institute had a long-term collaboration from 2003-2009 with Weight Watchers International to provide good, science based information to the medical community and the public at large about various aspects of healthy weight loss and healthy weight management.

This collaboration resulted in numerous academic publications as well as the publication in December 2004 of the consumer book “Weight Lost that Lasts” co-authored by Dr. Rippe and Weight Watchers.

GE HealthCare

GE Healthcare

Rippe Lifestyle Institute and GE Healthcare had a collaboration to explore various issues related to the use of advanced technology to “predict and prevent” disease rather than “see and treat” which was the model in the past. In 2004, this collaboration resulted in a nation-wide campaign co-sponsored by GE Healthcare and Meredith Publishing entitled “Wear Red.” This campaign was designed to help explain issues about early detection and prevention of heart disease in women. The collaboration also resulted in numerous academic publications on the use of advanced GE Healthcare technology in the early detection of heart disease and cancer.

Click here to watch the
GE Health "Red - Support Video"


Click here to view images from the
"Wear Red" Gala in New York.



Rippe Lifestyle Institute and Novartis had a partnership to help both the medical community and the public at large understand a variety of issues related to blood pressure control. In 2004, the major campaign paired Dr. Rippe with retired football legend Joe Montana in a nation-wide tour to discuss various aspects of high blood pressure. To view a video of Dr. Rippe and Mr. Montana go to the Dr. Rippe Video section.



RLI had a partnership with Pharmanex to explore various aspects of nutrition and supplementation and good health. Included in this partnership are investigations on fitness and performance as well as cholesterol lowering.

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